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Texas offers end-to-end business setup solutions for entrepreneurs wishing to set up their business entities in the UAE. With over 30 years of experience in the domain, Texas has earned the trust of its clients by providing time- and cost-effective services to them, time and time again.
Texas’ unsurpassed knowledge of all government processes, from completing company registration right down to obtaining employee and family sponsorship aided ably by its well-connected service professionals who share relationships of trust with all government departments, ensures that we are able to offer you solutions at a level of efficiency, speed, and success rate that others cannot.
We have our own PRO team and in-house government liaisons systems which allow us to deliver services to you in record time, allowing your business to go to market in the best possible time.

Company Formation

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In a constantly changing regulatory landscape, such as that of the UAE, entrepreneurs looking to set up a new business face several problems. Here at Texas, we understand this reality.
Texas exists to ease the business set up process in the UAE. We ensure fast and efficient company formation and incorporation of businesses.

    Government Liaisons

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    One of our flagship services, liaising with government departments is an area of excellence that we have developed at Texas and is among the key differentiators of our business.
    Liaising with government departments in the UAE calls for a mix of factors, including:
    Relationships of trust, an astute sense of the ever-changing UAE business landscape, and relevant connections. Here at Texas, we not only understand this but have built our business around this three-pronged strategy.

    Professional PRO Services

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    PRO services include all the activities associated with processing government documents and paperwork, such as labour cards, employment visas, renewal of trade license and allied documents, etc.
    As a business functioning in the UAE, you will need to enlist the services of a Public Relations Officer (PRO).

    Local Sponsor Arrangement

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    The process of finding a local partner remains a cumbersome one for businesses looking to set themselves up in the UAE. Minimize the complexity involved in it and find a dependable local sponsor by enlisting the services of Texas.
    Texas is not only equipped to find you a suitable local partner who works well for your unique business needs but also to deal with all matters relating to the signing of contracts and other such allied services.

    Rental Services and Estate Advisory

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    Texas can help you find commercial office space for rent across the UAE, bearing in mind cost-effectiveness and accessibility. With our resourcefulness and local expertise as our key differentiators, we are well-positioned to help you achieve your real estate and business goals.

    Planning & Municipality-Related Services

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    Setting up a business in UAE calls for a host of approvals to be obtained from concerned departments. This includes engineering and building section approvals and special permissions unique to your business, such as parking and outdoor promotion approvals. Texas mediates with various departments to help you obtain these approvals with ease.

    Immigration and Visa Process

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    Apart from immigration consulting, Texas offers you a wide range of document-clearing services and corporate business solutions across the UAE, such as the UAE residence visa, family visa, long-term visit visa, tourist visa, transit visa, and Residents’ Emirates ID.

    MOHRE Services-Labour

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    Texas offers a wide range of high-quality labour services which includes all the significant Ministry of Labour services, including: Texas offers a wide range of high-quality labour services which includes all the significant Ministry of Labour services, including:• Ministry of Labour Applications • New Labour Card • Labour Card Renewal • Employment Visa/Transfer Visa• Bank Guarantee Services • Data Modification • Others

      Healthcare Licenses (MOH & DHA)

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      Healthcare professionals who wish to work and setup enterprises in the UAE need to obtain the requisite license to do so from the concerned government departments/authorities. Here Texas can ensure you get your document verification and license processing done in an absolutely hassle-free manner and on time.

      Legal Translation

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      When functioning in an international business centre, such as UAE, translation and interpretation services become crucial for achieving the maximum impact with your business. Texas manages these needs without missing a beat. Get legal documents translated into Arabic, English, or any other languages through Texas’ expert team.

        CAD Drawings

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        Outsourcing your CAD drawing to Texas reduces your project costs. A one-stop-shop for all your CAD drawing needs, Texas offers you accurate and cost-effective CAD services. Our team of experts in AutoCAD adhere to international standards in all that they do.


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        Save time and energy on all your certificate and document attestation needs. Be it your degree certificates, marriage certificate, birth certificate or any other legal document that you need attested by government institutions, we offer you the quickest and most convenient attestation services managed by our expert team.

        Water and Electricity Approval

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        SEWA: Water and electricity services in Sharjah are provided by SEWA (Sharjah Water and Electricity Authority). To avail of these services, you need to register yourself with SEWA while adhering to the paperwork and procedures required for the same.
        DEWA: To obtain water and electrical connections for your business needs in Dubai, you need to register with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) – the only provider of water across Dubai.

        Trade Name and Trademark Registration

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        With Texas obtain assured registration for your trademark, brand name, and logo for 10 years as well as assistance with the associated legal services, such as trademark protection, classification, etc.
        Not only does Texas assist you through the entire process of trademark registration right from the trademark search, selecting the appropriate trademark class – a critical aspect of the process – and trademark application filing to receive your trademark number to the completion of the entire trademark registration process.

        Notary Services

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        Be it assistance with your power of attorney, memorandum of association, or sale and purchase agreement, we have all the notary services you will require to set up your business in the UAE under a single roof. Our highly trained legal team ensures even the most complex requirements are efficiently managed and our solutions tailor-made to your unique needs.

        Environmental Approvals

        Media Services

        Value-Added Services

        Accounting and VAT Registration